Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Autumn-Cold Comfort

Metal Blade

Autumn were originally formed back in 1995 under the name Stonehenge before settling on the name Autumn. They knocked out a couple of demos before releasing an EP in 2011 and their full length debut the following year. Autumn are a blend of progressive, hard rock and symphonic styles. They really are blend as they bring equal amounts of very styles and rely too much on one genre. That's a definite strength and so are the vocals of Marjan Welman who has a voice and knows how to use it. Her voice is powerful, even and melodic plus she knows when to use it and she knows her limitations. She plays her voice off the music very well and vice versa. This style is certainly not one I normally run after because too many bands get caught up in themselves and we get pretence and endless passages and far less actual rock music. Not so much the case here. Autumn definitely have a sense of purpose and the focus is on the strength of the songs and on really constructing beautiful songs. There are a few dull moments where they overstay their welcome, but overall a decent outing.

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