Friday, November 04, 2011

French Metal Friday: Trust

One of the first real bands to play heavy metal in France was Trust. Alongside Warning and Ocean they are considered the forefather's of French heavy metal. Formed in 1976 the band had close ties to both Iron Maiden (two of their drummers played with Trust, with Nicko McBrain recruited to join Iron Maiden after the departure of Clive Burr, who independently joined Trust for awhile as McBrain's replacement-thanx BNR Metal for the info) and AC/DC. Speaking of AC/DC truth be told Trust have had a sound very similar in nature to Angus Young and company. They have been referred to by some as the French AC/DC. Rooted in hard rock and featuring killer guitar riffs this French band was and still is known for their hard rocking live shows and their political stance. They were as well known in fact for their screams of "police is mafia" which won them over with young fans who were stuck without a future. The two most well-known albums by the band have to be "Marche Ou Creve" and "Repression". "Repression" of course has two songs that were later covered by Anthrax ("Antisocial" and "Les sectes"). Over time various new bands would emerge in the French heavy metal scene and Trust fell off the radar some. The band's frequent internal problems lead to breakups and reformations with various versions of the band showing up from time to time. In 2008 the original line-up reformed to perform a 1979to 1986 best of gig at the Festival des Terres Neuvas. This would be followed a new album in 2008, "13 à table" (Thirteen at the table) and a live album in 2009, "Trust à l’Olympia". Since then things have been quiet for Trust. Hopefully 2012 will bring a new album.


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