Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Infernal Legion-The spear of Longinus


Infernal Legion return with their album and their first in six years. The title of the new album is named after the spear that proved that Christ was dead. So that kind of sets the tone as we know this is brutal death metal with strong anti-christian themes. The vocals are of the growling virtually incoherant variety. However the music speaks volumes. This is thick, powerful death metal with some classic influences at the heart of their sound. In a word they are relentless with all their energy going towards maintaining a constant onslaught. It's not about speed as they are just lethal going at a mi-paced tempo. No matter what the sound is incrdibly dense and they waste no note or beat because everything create goes into creating a dark, dismal atmosphere. My only complaint is that the vocals were not nearly as varied as the music. The vocals are very limited and don't always keep up with amount of force that's behind the music. Overall a crushing effort with decent results.

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