Thursday, November 17, 2011

Salem (UK)-New Recordings

Hairy Monster Recording

Sometime next week I hope to do a proper review of Salem's excellent compilation "In The Beginning...". In the meantime though I thought I'd do a quick write-up of their new recordings. Available at their website (link below) the new tracks (which were just released this November) include "Retribution", "This Heart Is Mine" and  "High Stakes" . Right of the bat let me just say "Retribution" and "High Stakes" are both killer heavy rock/metal numbers. "Retribution" reminded me a bit of what French band Trust were all about. Hard rock and heavy riffs set this number up to be a classic down the road. "High Stakes" is heavy as well. That said it has this really addictive classic rock vibe to it and had me hitting the repeat button a few times. So what of "This Heart Is Mine"? Obviously more mellow by way of the title it is still crunchy enough to make a mark with the melodic hard rock crowd. It is a well written number bringing to mind bands like Dokken as well as Tokyo Blade. The one thing about these three new recordings I really love is that they sound modern enough while having a real classic feel to them. Also the three new tracks could easily become "hits" with fans. With no filler or leftover riffs these numbers show a band that has matured with time away and could very likely have a new album that blows away people's expectations. If Salem release a new album that is even half as good as these three tracks then I can certainly see them get that fame that sadly eluded them the first time around! (Interview with Salem)


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