Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hatecore Inc-Rise Above All


Released late last year Rise Above All is an album filled with anger, sorrow, darkness, despair and suffering. Not one to mince words the band lays out how they feel with opening songs like "Wish You Were Dead" and "I Kill You". I don't know enough about what drove this Akron- based band into the darkness but one can imagine their surroundings didn't help. I've said it before and will say it again that Akron and Cleveland are two places where there is hurt to be found in bucket loads. Society in general has always pushed the underdog into a corner but life in places like Akron only looks to make it all the more tough. With Hatecore Inc. you have a band that has been raised on hardcore acts like Hatebreed and Throwdown as well as the hostel metal of Pantera. It all ends up boiling over into rage and there is no question that vocalist James Barrett is another lost voice of hopelessness crying out to be heard above all the static noise. Crying out really isn't quite right as James has more of an old school hardcore attack going for him. He grabs hold of your throat and shoves songs down your throat. The rest of the band plays like post-Sabbath loving punks thrashing about like feral dogs looking for their next meal. If you can get past the awful album art what awaits you is something not quite hardcore thrash in the strictest sense of the term but more like streetcore from the sewer.


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