Saturday, November 12, 2011

Five things in metal that I am thankful for in 2011

Obviously I have been inspired by my fellow co-writer and friend to think about what I am most thankful for this year. So, with that and without taking away any thunder from Mark's post (which has always been a great idea) here are five of the things I am most thankful for in metal. Just like Metal Mark's post these are in no real order.

This year has seen many great bands from day's of old come together to release not only new albums but in my mind comeback albums. We have seen top notch new releases this year from bands like Hell, Exxplorer and Death Mask. We have also seen older bands release killer albums out of the blue (Bitch's Sin, Saxon and Satan's Host) and long lost bands like Ear Danger and Wolf/Kruizer get their proper due thanks to vinyl re-releases. As a fan of eighties metal and the NWOBHM scene it has been wonderful seeing so many older bands get a second chance.

Speaking of vinyl releases I am thankful for smaller labels that take the time to craft amazing sets for bands that only a select few knew about it the first place. Again bands like Hell, Ear Danger and Wolf/Kruizer were given great releases on LPs showing that no matter what people still want to collect these great pieces of entertainment. With multi-colored releases it has been a great year to be a record collector.

One band that just keeps on trucking year after year showing no signs of slowing down is Motorhead. Despite the fact that they have pretty much released the same album every year for the past couple of years they are if nothing else consistent. With many of our favorite bands of yesteryear taking strange detours (Metallica for example with everything from "St. Anger" to "Lulu") its so good to see a band that plays for themselves and the fans without every trying to go with the times or get to artsy for their own good. The day Motorhead finally calls it a career with be a sad one indeed.

This year I have also had the opportunity to meet some amazing local bands like The Approach and the Execution. I've also had the extreme pleasure of reviewing material from insanely talented local bands from all across America like Trustkill Vision. With these up and coming bands and their passion for the art of heavy metal the genre is in good hands for years to come!

Finally I am most thankful for Mark and this website. Until I started writing for Heavy Metal Time Machine I had no idea the amount of hard work and preparation that goes into writing columnes every week for a website. For all the abuse we receive I still wouldn't trade this opportunity for the world. In a year that has seen me lose my wife and best friend after 17 years and my house I don't know what I would have done without this site and Mark's friendship. It is amazing how much listening to and writing about heavy metal with your friends can help you move past the heartache of separation and shattered dreams. In a world that has been tossed upside down for me this site has been my one constant (other than my friends, parents and two wonderful kids!) and I can't ever begin to thank Metal Mark enough for that!


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