Thursday, November 10, 2011

Haunted Changi


This film is supposed to follow four youg filmakers who set out to film and the abandoned Old Changi Hospital in Singapore. Early on we are given a mockumentary that gives some history on the hospital. Showing it being used by the Japanese during WW2 as a war hospital. It also so years after that of being used as a public hospital so the building was likely the site of many deaths. Now the building is covered with grafitti on the outside and the inside is empty, broken down and frequently filled with shadows and twisting corridors. Exactly the place you'd like to go to at night and film right? The crew of four young filmakers (three guys and one girl) eventually do just that. We gets lots of shaky footage of the inside of the hospital and it's creepy enough during the day and much more so at night.
Amidst the many views of the hospital there is an attempt to build up the characters. The four would be filmakers are Sheena Chung, Farid Azlam, Audi Khalis, Andrew Lau. Each gets a fare share in showing their personalities and telling about their views on this project. Eventually we even get a little bit of a plot as one day while wathing film Andrew shares that he met a woman who is staying in the hospital yet he is the only one who saw her. Tensions grow and a few odd shadows show up in the footage, but those are explained rather quickly. Everything comes to a head when some of the members decide to go back to the hospitla during another night session. Only this time they are a bit more frantic and they find more than shadows and noises before the end of the film. Clocking in around 80 minutes it's seems a bit long for what all actually transpires. Plus we see a lot of the same corridors over and over. I would say it's a good effort with decent results. Not a film you could watch over and over but certainly worth seeing.



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