Monday, November 07, 2011

Widow-Take hold of the night

Pure Steel

Take hold of the night is from Widow's soon to be released "Life's blood". This North Carolina based band have been around for a little over decade and their upcoming album will be their forth album and their first in four years. They are now down to being just a trio. They have always played a classic style of metal and the new single is no exception. It's a mid-tempo straight forward track in the Judas Priest/Armored Saint style of approach. The music is tight although predictable. I like that the band are solid followers of early-mid 80's metal. However much like higher profile throwback acts like Cauldron and White Wizzard, Widow never step up enough to do anything to set themselves apart or really make an impression as being anything other than a mere copy of an older style. I do like this new song better than most of the material on their previous album "Nightlife" because the hooks were stronger. Actually the best I heard these guys sound was back on their 2005 album "On Fire" because their singer had the time Lili really had a set of pipes. Unfortunately she only lasted one album and Widow was back to sounding rather dry. As I said the new track is decent and hopefully the rest of the album is just as good or even better. The song is streaming over at Noisecreep if you want to take a listen.

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