Friday, November 04, 2011



With influences such as Neurosis, High On Fire, Deftones and Mastodon this Akron, Ohio band has their hearts in the right place. This is sonic sludge metal and yet so much more on this, the band's first new release in over three years, and their first full-length in over seven. "Thorns" was preceded by 2003's self-titled full-length, a split CD with Aldebaran in 2004, and a 2008 vinyl-only "A Heart Held by Demons". With time comes considerable growth with Rue pulling no punches on these 12 tracks. This is the sound of the infected. It is sick, twisted and fully toxic. The likelihood of ever being the same after being sonically assaulted by Rue is slim anyway. All "Thorns" does is guarantee that your never going to the same again after getting ear raped by the album. Sonic sludge metal and stoner fans have a new outlet to vent here. "Thorns" is helping to put Ohio on the map as another go to place for the genre.


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