Friday, November 04, 2011

Forgotten Gems-Anvil Bitch:Rise to Offend

New Renaissance

New Renaissance records was known for signing speed metal bands back in the mid
1980's. Most bands that signed to that label never seemed to get anywhere, but they doesn't mean they didn't sign some talented acts. The band formed in 1983 in Philadelphia. The band knocked out a demo in 1985 and then had appearances on two compilations Thrash Metal Attack (1985) and Speed Metal Hell 2 (1986). In 1986 they released the full length effort "Rise to offend". This is rather primitive thrash with a definite Bay area influence because you'll certainly hear some early Exodus and Metallica. There is nothing deep or complicated about their music. Just straight up thrash altering with some mid-paced, but heavy passages. Tracks like "Maggot Infestation" and "Never argue with a sick mind" sound like they were written in an hour and then cranked out in someones basement. Maybe they were, but there is no denying that this band had a great deal of energy and knew how to keep their songs going. "Life after a death" has a great riff and they just run with it. The title track is a prime example of old style underground thrash. I heard this album in 1986 and have enjoyed it since. It can be clunky around the edges and the production varies from weak to even worse, but the music is definitely likable. Apparently the band knocked out another demo not long after this. Apparently the band reformed and released an EP called "Sanctify" three years ago. I have not it heard though. I still pull out "Rise to offend" disc from time to time.

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Blogger Andy said...

Good follow-up post to my Rising Metal piece. Wonderful raw heavy metal album. Had it back in the day and loved how it sounded as if these guys were the sorts who would play in dive bars and basements for cheap beer. Miss bands like this!

11:44 AM  

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