Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Bastard Priest-Ghouls of the endless night


This is the the follow-up to 2010's Under the Hammer of Destruction. This is thick, crunchy death metal that calls upon older thrash and the early days of death metal. There's definitely some Possessed, Death, Celtic Frost, Whiplash and others mixed into their sound. In fact the only real difference between this and a lot of early death metal is that the production is much better here than it was on this stule of album 20-25 years ago. The opener "Pestilent Force" had me thinking they were going to a one speed band although they handled that approach just fine. Then the title track came on and had the band showing some brief glimpses of variation, but importantly they demonstrated some real control over their music. The next two tracks "Enter eternal nightmare" and "Poison" both have the band slowing down the pace to a slo/mid-tempo, but they keep a heavy march going the whole time. "Sacriligeous ground" revolves around some thick, twisting riffs and is one of the tighter tracks on the album. "Fucking slaughter" is a brutal and slightly clunky assault. "Last scream" is a very basic track at first, but it gets some help from some snaking riffs towards the end. "Enormous thunder of the end" closes the album and it's a dark, noisy affair with enough oddness to make it interesting. This is primitive death metal and that might limit what they do, but it's also a style that Bastard Priest seem to excel at.

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