Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Above This-7L7


When your only true desire is to create some of the heaviest music on the planet only with some wicked synth work added for that extra little something then you know things are about to get deadly serious. According to the promo Above This is a band that "stands for all of the misjudgments, cruel treatment, rejection, hatred, depression, hurt, and emotion that can revolve around anyone’s lives, and the goal is to make sure you stand above your fears". And man if that hatred and hurt doesn't boil over in Above This and their emotions. This is powerful and above all HEAVY stuff. Above This doesn't cut corners or worry about offending people. Those with sensitive ears would do well to steer clear of the land minds that populate this album. It's ugly and raw and filled with enough foul language to make some gangsta rappers blush. These progressive/deathcore maniacs know all too well that this world is neck deep in it's own filthy waste and let their words and music knock down doors and expectations. The band is lead by Shawn O'Brien would obviously just crawled out of his morning grave to unleash his hatred upon the world. His voice is the sound of street metal breathing down your neck as he spits out venom. The rest of the band (Johnny Bay : Drums, Wes Jenkins : Guitar, Brandon Lawrence : Bass, Keyboard and Thomas Buser : Guitar) would not be blamed at all for just staying out of his way and yet they too get it on the act and give your insides the old one-two punch. As stated this is gritty and loud metal breed for only one purpose and that is sonic destruction. "7L7" doesn't just roll out of your speakers to rock you. No, it comes out roaring like a half-starved wild lion looking to devour it's prey. It is hungry for blood and this world doesn't stand a snowballs chance in hell of surviving.


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