Saturday, November 12, 2011

Forgotten Gems-The Brainz-Elementary Monster/Terra

Self produced

Back around 1988 I was ordering JFA albums from Placebo records. I saw this 7" from some band called The Brainz in their short catalog. I ordered a copy with the motivating factor being that in only cost like a buck or two. I got my package of stuff and I remember this was the last album I played from that package, but it ended up being my favorite. This 7" was recorded in 1979 and it's pretty wild. Frequently lumped in with the punk scene, but it's more than that. There's a definite early Sabbath influence, but both songs are just frantic mixes of early
70's fuzz rock and punk attitude. Yet even that description doesn't completely do these songs justice. Unfortunately this was the total recorded output from The Brainz. They released it themselves but Placebo Records would end up selling it into the mid-80s. The band consisted of Wayne Frost, Doug Clark, Clark Stokes, Joe Albanese, and John Stewart. Wayne, Doug and Joe would all later end up in Mighty Sphincter. Although that band had a far more theatrical image, their music wasn't nearly as interesting as this album.

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