Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Forgotten Gems-Cardinal Sin-Resurrection

 cardinal sin

Back in the olden days bands used to record demos on cassettes (little plastic cases with things that looked ribbon). These bands would give out or sell their demos to get attention from labels and fans. Bands still record demos of course, but these days it's quicker and easier to get their music out to people. Anyways bands would frequently send their demo tapes to magazines (yes, print like with pages) in hopes of getting a good review. Well around 1989 or 1990 I read a review in a metal magazine (don't remember which one) and it was a thrash band called Cardinal Sin. The review was positive and I could obtain a copy of their Infanticide demo for three bucks so I sent away to the band to get it. The tape arrived in the mail (depends on a person driving a little vehicle that on occasion puts the right package/letter into your mailbox) and I gave it a listen. This band began in their native Puerto Rico, but had relocated to the Boston area. Yet their sound was pure Bay area thrash along the lines of earlier Testament, Forbidden and others. That was during the peak of thrash so having that sound wasn't unusual, but these guys went beyond the typical plunge ahead style and mixed in some sharp tempo changes while managing to be heavy all the way through. I was hooked on it right away and played it frequently. To me these guys were ahead of the curve and I figured they were sure to get signed even though Boston wasn't the thrash hot spot that some other cities were. A few months later I read in a magazine that indeed they had signed with Maze records. Maze records had also signed another band whose demo I had heard around the same time. The band was Biohazard and their demo stunk, yes I said it. Unfortunately for Cardinal Sin their short lived label Maze records sunk so much money into Biohazard's debut that the label ended up going under. So Cardinal Sin were left without a label. Eventually they got out another demo, it's a bit more basic than the first but still pretty potent. However the window of opportunity had closed for them, the change in musical climates of the early 90's probably had much to do with that and pretty soon the band folded. Fast forward about ten years or so to 2004. I was looking at items for a sale from  an eBay seller and saw an album by Cardinal Sin as I recognized the logo from the demo. How could this be? I thought they didn't get to release their album and they broke up. Well the seller quick answered that question because in the item description it said that this was their two demos plus more. I quickly ordered it. So this album was done by Khaosmaster records. It includes the two demos which both sound very good even now. The bonus tracks begin with Pinnacle of ignorance which is a demo track. It's of similar style and quality to their other material. Unfortunately the other three bonus tracks are live songs, at least that's what is says on the case. They are total noise and it sounds like they were recorded by a microphone that was covered by a blanket and placed outside a closed door of whatever club they were playing it. Oh, well at least the demos were released with one good bonus track. Also the  booklet includes lyrics, a band history and comments on Cardinal Sin from members of others bands. All in all a great package that I am surprised got released, but I'm glad it did.

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I remember the name even if not the music.

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