Monday, May 28, 2012

Hard to believe it's just a few weeks away from being the middle of the year. Seems like 2012 just because. I always a approach a year hoping that everyone has a good or great album. Seriously, I hope everyone hits it out of the park because I don't want to waste my time hearing junk. Fortunately it's been a mostly good year for music so far. Some surprises and some consistent bands continued to put out solid releases. I won't go into details about my favorites so far because...
A-there are still a few more weeks left before the mid-year point so more good albums could come out.
B-I'd like to do a post just on my favorites of the first half of the year about a month from now.

I also like to do a mid-way list that way when the end of the year comes around I'm not scrambled to figure out my favorite albums of the year all at once. The half-way list gives me a head start on the end of the year list.
So here's hoping more fine releases assault out ears in the rest of 2012 and I'll work on a best albums of the year so far to have out the end of next month.

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