Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Cleveland's Millennium, who are a relatively obscure N.W.O.B.H.M. act, came to prominence in the early part of the eighties. The five-piece band was formed in 1983 and managed to score an appearance on the "Pure Overkill" split the same year. Playing alongside the bands Risk, Spartan Warrior, Incubus (who we recently covered in another NWOBHM WEDNESDAY feature) and Tokyo Rose helped boost the band's presence on the English heavy metal scene. The three cuts that the band laid to tape ( "Steal Your Heart", "Rock Was Meant For Me" and "Magic Mirror") for "Pure Overkill" were added to the band's lone long-player, the self-titled "Millennium". From the opening number, "Gang Wars", (my favorite cut on the album!) to the album's closer ("Try To Leave Me") there was a sound that combined the best part of eighties metal and the British metal scene. Despite rave reviews (Including one in "Kerrang" magazine) the band seemed to lose their way after the album's release. First came some line-up reshuffling before a brief name change (Tyrone Power? Really?) nearly ruined everything. Having to go it alone (as in no more label support) the band issued a 1985 demo. The demo announced a shift in style as no longer was the band content to play Desolation Angels-style metal, but instead they took on a more Helloween sound. Another demo ("Metal Era") followed in 1986 on which the band made an unsuccessful return to their earlier style. The band took one last shoot at regaining their lost glory with another demo in 1987 before calling it a day. Other than vocalist Mark Duffy (who would go on to have success in with thrash act Toranaga) the band members faded away. Their one self-titled album has been issued on CD by Guardian Records. It is more than a worthwhile addition to any N.W.O.B.H.M. collection.

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