Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Napalm Records

Nachtblut (German for Nightblood) were formed in 2005. On "Dogma", the band's newest album, the mood is grim and bleak. Sung entirely in German, the band's latest release is unique in that it opts for a style that combines elements both symphonic metal and melodic black metal with the faint echo of Rammstein. "Dogma" will most likely not appeal to everyone as is a dark, depressing and morbid affair that takes all of these different elements and turns it into something unnerving. While it is dreary it also makes for an interesting listen as the band takes apart the eerie electronic/industrial sound of Rammstein and mixes it with melodic overtones and different elements that recall the works of such bands as Cradle Of Filth and Dimmu Borgir. As stated the music is dark and dreary with the heavy use electronics only serving to keep the listener off guard. What could end as a glorious mess though (as a mixture of black metal, symphonic metal, goth and electronic/industrial rock/metal does not sound that appealing on paper to many) is helped along by an excellent set of highly skilled musicians and a strong performance out of vocalist Askertoh. The band mates combine forces to create a release that is as atmospheric and natural in sound as it is electronic and synthesized. This is an interesting release that is sure to please Nachtblut fans as well as raise up new followers to their cause.

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