Saturday, May 19, 2012


Metal Revelation

Hailing from Sweden, members of this band had been in other bands here and there learning their way in the business. Eventually this band came together, but over the course of three year they went through line-ups changes and various other struggles before finding their way to recording. Now we get a four track album of progressive edged hard rock. I hear some Savatage, Queensryche and others. The production is very full and helps give each song a boost. The songs generally start fine, in fact they begin with some smooth melodies and engaging vocals. However, try as I might I felt rather cold after listening to three of the four tracks.  Each track started alright, but none of them ever pushed very hard. Instead I felt myself waiting for the songs to unfold or build up something-anything. Yet they felt satisfied with cruising on repetition and just holding on until the songs ended. The final track "Poison Lies" was the one exception where I really felt like had a formula in place and tried to make a complete song that kept my attention for the whole time. The playing talent is there, there's no doubt about that. What they lack is the ideas and the hooks. That's not a small problem because that's the meat of any real songs no matter what the style of music is. Confidence are lacking in that area and it's too much of a problem to overlook. I wish them the best of luck and hope they can develop their ideas to a greater extent for their next release.

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