Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tysondog-Hammerhead 2012

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Well, now what do we have here? This is a bit of a surprise all things considered. I didn't know that Tysondog had apparently reformed. And yet here we have Tysondog releasing a 4-track EP with new versions of the tracks "Hammerhead", "The Inquisitor", "In The End" and "Painted Heroes". According to a Youtube teaser for this EP the band's current line-up includes members Clutch (vocals), Paul Burdis (guitar), Alan Hunter (guitar and vocals), Kev Wynn (bass) and Rob Walker (drums). If I'm not mistaken everyone but Rob Walker played on their 1984 debut album "Beware Of The Dog" (where you can find the original versions of these four tracks). Rob though played on the follow-up album "Crimes Of Insanity". Both LPs were released on the famous record label Neat. Tysondog were a fairly typical Neat signing with a sound that recalled fellow Neat artist's like Blitzkrieg, Raven and Cloven Hoof or if you like Iron Maiden/Judas Priest-style NWOBHM. When Neat decided not to pick up the option for a third album it spelled the end for these heavy rockers. Kind of a shame too as I have Tysondog's "Painted Heroes - The Anthology" and, even if it is fairly typical heavy metal, it is rather fun through and through. This four-track EP (which I assume is to be followed by a new album in 2012 or 2013?) is nothing new. Well, I mean it's new versions of old songs so it is new in that regard. But, if you have the original versions there is not much sense in getting this. Sort of wish they would have put a new track or at the very least unreleased track on here, but it is what it is. If you've never heard these guys then I would start with either of their albums or the anthology. Someday soon Metal Mark and I should do a proper write-up on these guys for a NWOBHM WEDNESDAY. In the meantime here's hoping Tysondog has a new album up their sleeves seeing as this EP might not offer much new, but the guys at least all still sound good after all these years!


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Tysondog has a polished and impressive sound.

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