Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rose Tattoo-Live in 1993 from Boggo Road Jail

MVD Visual

What was going on in the music world in 1993? Seems like there was a bunch of grunge and alternative bands moving to the forefront of the scene over here. However one music event of note was taking place on the other side of the world. Rose Tattoo had reformed to open for Guns -n- Roses and they also played at an event to celebrate the closing of the Boggo Road Jail. This DVD is from that show. What a show it is. This band has always been compared to AC/DC and rightfully so with the sound being similar in it's basic style. However AC/DC lightened up after a few years while Rose Tattoo stayed very raw. The heart of their music really shines through in this show from almost twenty years ago. They plow through some great songs including "Assault and battery", "Rock  -n- roll is king", "One of the boys" and "Tramp". I tried to think of highlights, but really the whole show is highlights. There are no filler, no off moments just a down and dirty rock band hitting on all cylinders. The thing hits me most watching them in this show was it's like a big party as far as the relationship between the band and their fans. This isn't some rock stars putting on a big, it's just a band and it's fans feeding off of each other's energy and that's how it should be. The sound and video quality are decent. My only complaint was for about the first half of the show we kept getting the same angles of the crowd. This was a big show with a wide area to film from, surely they had more cameras capturing the action, but that's a minor complaint. This was a heck of a show from a band that hasn't always gotten it's due outside of their home country. It's also hard to believe that both guitarists who played on this show-Peter Wells and Mick Cocks have both since passed away. So this DVD is definitely worth seeing to view this line-up giving their all.

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