Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jorn-Bring Heavy Rock to the Land

Frontiers Records

With a career spanning over 30 albums where does Jorn Lande find enough time to release yet another solo LP? Actually, this is already the seventh "solo" studio album for Jorn as crazy as that seems to me. Does this guy ever sleep? Is he even human? For those who don't know the name Jorn is probably best known for Masterplan although he has played Ark, Millennium, Vagabond, Beyond Twilight, etc. With his new album, "Bring Heavy Rock to the Land" Jorn welcomes back guitarist Jimmy Iversen who previously appeared on “Spirit Black”. Also involved in this latest album is bassist Nic Angileri, second guitarist Tore Morenis (Wild Willy's Gang, Carnivora, Arcturus and Skitliv) and drummer Willy Bendiksen (Wild Willy's Gang, Bad Habitz, Blonde On Blonde, Flax, Høst, Perfect Crime, Road, etc). If you have heard Jorn before then you should already know what to expect. This is another album that walks the line between traditional heavy metal and classic hard rock with Jorn's vocals serving as the highlight. While I wouldn't say he sounds like Dio he has the same kind of powerful voice that the late great Ronnie did (incidentally Jorn released a tribute album to Dio back in 2010 called "Dio"). The promo suggests that Dio, Black Sabbath, Rainbow and Whitesnake are like-minded bands. Those first three do come to mind as does acts like Judas Priest, Warlord, Bible Of the Devil,
Oliver Magnum, Saxon, Riot, Overdrive and Iron Maiden. In other words the perfect blend of classic heavy metal, eighties hard rock/heavy metal and progressive metal! With eight new tracks (all of which are just great!) and two cover songs (Christopher Cross’ "Ride Like the Wind" and a new version of Masterplan's song "Time To Be King") this is an album sure to please the Jorn faithful while potentially pulling in some new fans as well. This one is highly recommended.

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Blogger Metal Mark said...

Jorn is one of those guys where the talent is there and I like an album, but I rarely listen to it that often.

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