Sunday, May 27, 2012

Circus Maximus-Nine

Frontiers Records

I'm not sure about you, but I hate it when a record teases you with it's opening (with samples or softer instrumentation) and you expect it to explode out of the gate with something truly HEAVY and then.....nothing. Well, not quite nothing but it is more like a little "poof" then a big explosion of heavy metal fury and RAGE. They could be forgiven if they didn't throw out something like this: "offering the most melodic and at the same time heaviest moments of their repertoire". If this is the heaviest moment of their repertoire then I'd hate to see their softer moments. Would it put you to sleep? Maybe I'm being too mean here, but when your second track is over 10 minutes long and your still wondering when the band is really going to take off well, with great boasts comes great responsibilities! This album might offer mature song-writing, but in the end none of it every catches on. It's classy enough and will surely please those who love a lot of pose and polish, but what it really comes down to is you have an album that elicits very little in the way of excitement. In the end it was just another album to get through which, while technically all shiny and bright, left me feeling rather ho-hum.

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