Saturday, June 09, 2012

Ambassador Gun-Golden Eagle

ambassador gun

Pangea Media

Minnesota's Ambassador Gun have been around for a decade and this is their second full length album plus they also previously released an EP and a split album. This trio play a blend of grind/crust/death/hardcore where the songs are generally brief and simple. Ripping straight is one of this band's real strengths as they handle it well and are comfortable with the style. They manage give many of their songs a winding thick sound in between the full on blasts. They did an alright job of presenting some different tones, but work them into the whole sound. A few songs into this album I was worried they may not have the ideas to really keep my interest for the whole albums, but for the most part they did. Ambassador Gun are bit more involved than your typical grindcore or modern hardcore act, but that's with me because their style and pace changes usually have a purpose. The burnt throat vocals work best on the blazing fast parts, but they blend in well on other paces too. When I finished this album I felt fairly satisfied and for the most part this band gave me more than I figured they would and that's always a good thing. Ambassador Gun are like crazy roller coaster, but you enjoy the ride because you know they are always in control and it's going to all be okay in the end.

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