Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Translation Loss Records

Philadelphia's Heikousen are one of those bands that refuse to be pigeonholed. This new act features members of Rosetta (vocalist Dave Grossman) and the "core writing duo" of Josh Mahesh (guitars) and Dan Dalton (drums). Along for the roller coaster ride is bass player Steven Dever. Speaking of bass, this album features bass playing that brings to mind the mighty Primus and yet the band merge "traditional" hardcore/punk (Bad Brains, Cro-Mags, Black Flag) with not so-traditional hardcore (Hüsker Dü/Fugazi ) and then shake it up with extreme progressive metal in a way that is brutal and yet exquisite. The promo even mentions that there is "a little Dimebag Darrell worship to boot!" and sure enough guitarist Josh Mahesh does go crazy with the lead work when you least expect it. The thing is he has real talent and there are moments when he even channels the late great Randy Rhodes. Yes, the album is that weird and does go all over the road (a little Cave In love anyone?) and yet, it never crashes. Recorded at The Skylight by Vince Ratti (The Minor Times, Turmoil, Bury Your Dead) this is one of those albums that, like stated, you can't simply define as "this" or "that". The band's Translation Loss debut needs to be heard to be understood and appreciated for what it is and what it offers. "Parallels" is a crushing and creative output from this Philadelphia, PA four-piece. Play this one loud, but make sure you play it often because you'll pick up on something new each and every time trust me!

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