Sunday, June 03, 2012

Mortillery-Murder Death Kill

Napalm Records

Edmonton, Alberta act Mortillery was formed in 2009, releasing a self-titled EPa year later. "Murder Death Kill" (soothing title eh?) is the band's full-length debut then and judging by the band's name, album title and album artwork you just know this is going to be heavy right? The band is lead by (ex? current?) Minax front lady Cara McCutchen and play plain and simple, yet never boring mind you, thrash. Not modern thrash or really retro thrash for that matter. No, this is just "thrash". Odd way to put it I know and yet these five (Cara, another woman and three guys) play simple & effective thrash metal with more than enough grit to punish anyone who might dare oppose their sonic annihilation. For reference sake you could suggest that Exodus, Lääz Rockit, Heathen, early Death Angel, Vio-Lence, Anthrax and Forbidden helped shape their sound, but it does not come off as mere retro-worship unlike a lot of modern thrash bands. It also does not stuff any other influences into the mix like metalcore, death or black metal. It's just 10 tracks of face-ripping thrash from a band that is good, but has room to grow. This is a worthwhile pick-up if your a thrash freak no doubt. Don't fret that the band is fronted by a woman either. I'm not sure why anyone would be bothered by that anyway since more and more front women are taking the scene by storm, but I know some old-fashioned thrash fans are still put off by the thought. Me? No way and bands like Mortillery prove that thrash can sound good no matter who is behind the mic. Cara does a slamtastic (is that really a word?) job leading this young band and with some time to mature Mortillery could end up a real force to be reckoned with.

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