Friday, June 01, 2012

Black Sword Thunder Attack-In Hell's Reign

Self-Release/Independent Release


Yes, this is a 2011 release. So what? This three-piece band hail from Greece (Kalambaka, Thessaly to be exact) and seem to have more than a few fans singing their praises. Honestly, without my friends over at Strapp's site a band like Black Sword Thunder Attack (who incidentally win my award for "Most Metal Name Of The Year" for 2011 and, so far, for 2012 ) would just get lost in the day to day shuffle of life. That would be a shame as their take of epic /traditional heavy metal is just down right cool. While there was another tape, "Promo 02", which looks as if it included only one track, this 2011 demo looks to be it for these guys. For the record the band is made up of vocalist Stelios, guitarist/bassist/keyboardist Christos and drummer Marios and they have a serious love affair going on with early eighties metal. Someone mentioned Warlord and that was all I needed to check out this demo and I am thankful I did. Maybe there is some Merciful Fate to be found in the murky mix as well? Hard to say for sure. Do I wish there was more? That is the understatement of the year. My computer's counter says 12:04 by the time these four tracks wrap up and that my friends is a blatant tease. This stuff is fantastic in an underground metal sort of way. 12 mintues is hardly enough time when your enjoying some great Greece heavy metal. Find out more at the link below.

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