Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Minus One World-Sewage


This just might be the first band I've ever heard of to hail from Salo, Finland. It's not that Finland doesn't have a thriving metal scene. After all this is the same country that has brought us everyone from Hanoi Rocks and OZ to Children Of Bodom. But Salo, Finland? Not so much. But, as it does has a sizable population of 55,000 plus, a more then hardy number, by default someone must be listening to heavy metal there right? That's where Minus One World comes into play. Of course this underground band, that was formed in early 2008 by Juuso Ketokoski (bass), Jasu Jokinen (vocals), Ville Hietala (drums) and Antti Hirvonen (guitar), is not by definition "heavy metal". No, Minus One World offers up raw thrash/death metal on this 4-track EP. "Sewage" follows two other self-recordings in the form of "Demo I" (2008) and "Demo II" (2010). What they clearly lacked in the imagination department (in regards to early demo titles) they more then make up for on "Sewage". Recorded in a home studio in 2012, and with a run-time of 14:55, "Sewage" was mixed by Juuso Rautio at Big Show Entertainment (www.bigshow.fi) and features the talents of new lead guitarist Aleksi Tossavainen.Of course even with two guitarists in the fold the band has not abandoned the true spirit of the founder's vision. Minus One World still adhere to the brutal nature of their roots. Even for a band playing a hybrid of death/thrash "Sewage" falls squarely on the raw side of things. From that description you might expect that Minus One World play in a haphazard and sloppy manor more befitting the punk rock culture. Rather then that the material in question possess this mid-eighties underground metal appeal. The gravely vocals of Jasu Jokinen recall a style that was lost somewhere in the early 90's. When the band comes into focus on "Sewage" it's the glory days of tape-trading that comes to mind. Minus One World are like a thousand young bands in the eighties who made a demo with heart and passion on their side. Those bands played for a purpose, a belief, not for a corporate contract and the promise of limousines and a rock-star lifestyle. Minus One World may well find themselves on the outs with today's "modern metal" crowd, but for those of us who remember when metal's attitude wasn't for sale "Sewage" is a testament that "modern" doesn't always mean "better".



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