Thursday, February 14, 2013


Torn Flesh Records
This EP is the 3rd release from Vancouver's Abrisis. It's also the first to feature new vocalist Alxs Ness (ex-Without Mercy). Here's another case where anything a man can do a woman can also do. In this case it's extreme death metal vocals. This band, who were formed in 2007, could be called death metal for the thinking man. What does thinking man's death metal entail? Well, this is progressive death metal meeting up with technical death (most likely after school as part of some club) to figure out how  to make the most out of a 20 minutes or so recording. It's filled to overflowing with all kinds of interesting arrangements as well as some great gut-busting, neck-snapping, traditionally death metal. While it's not the first band to come hang out and have a few beers at the progressive/technical death metal party this EP is still fun and inventive in it's own way. It's also over with before you ever really know what happened. That means it offers a lot and keeps things interesting while also packing into the one-two punch of regular, old-fashioned (but still loved!) death metal. It looks like this is being offered as a free download at the link below while physical copies will be limited.

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