Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Intractable -Inner Decay


It's a tragedy, but as this LP was released on December 22, 2012 it would have made a wonderful Christmas present to myself from myself. Those are the best kinds of presents after all. Thankfully I'm hearing about these guys now. The thing is I'm not sure why it's taken this long? For the life of me I can't seem to figure out how it is or why it is that good bands go unnoticed these days while we are, like the winter snow storm hitting our west coast, covered under a large pile of fluff! If I had a dollar for every good heavy metal band that got pushed aside in favor of some paint-by-numbers, "What's new is what we're gonna do!" band I'd be able to retire to the beautiful state of Tennessee (long, sad story for another day). That's neither here or there though so let's pin-point what it is about these Swish metal maniacs that makes me want to living my living room into a mosh pit! If I had to say one or the other it's thrash metal when it comes down to which genre this death/thrash four-piece leans more heavily on. That's not to say it's strictly a mash-up of the two extremes. Within the monstrous, crunch-happy bass playing of  Michael Schulerwould there's a shake or two of groove to be found within "Inner Decay". It's well within the Exhorder/Pantera school of thought but in NO WAY whatsoever does it slow this thrash train down! Formed in 2006, and lead by drummer/vocalist Benjamin Kottmann, this band muscles their way track after track of sick thrash. Guitarists Markus Hospenthal and Dominik Meier keep things intense and intriguing with the end result being a band that exists somewhere between the aggressiveness of Pantera, the old school thrash of Testament, the new school thrash of Toxic Holocaust and and the deathly thrash that is Skelentonwitch. They have managed to take a self-financed project and turn it into a professional-sounding modern metal album. With this being only their debut-album, and already a must have for death/thrash metal enthusiasts, there's something to be said about where this young band is going. You can find this 12-track beast on sites like Amazon and iTunes.

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