Monday, February 11, 2013

Alpha Tiger-Beanth the Surface

Century Media Records

"Beneath the Surface" is not a album that I would have likely given a fair chance. As "Man or Machine", the band's 2011 debut, left a bitter taste in my mouth (it felt far too artificial for my tastes) I almost passed this one over. To be honest it's only because this album made it's way into my Rhapsody queue that I gave it a chance. I'll admit when I'm wrong and maybe, just maybe, I was wrong about Alpha Tiger. Time will truly tell if my initial call about this band will ultimately be right after a few more releases. For now, on album two,  the band has managed a  (seemingly) sincere release that loving takes the appeal of classic heavy metal and gives it an upgrade with a heavy dose of power metal. On the band's first album I got the sense that Alpha Tiger was flowing over with artificial additives that's only purpose was to mimic (better) retro-N.W.O.B.H.M. bands while sticker as close to formulaic heavy metal as they could get away with. Here the writing comes off as more sincere, the music is more technically sound and, yes, the emotion feels all the more "real". I'm sure some would disagree with me and say there was nothing wrong with the band's last release (especially as everyone seemed to rave about it), but it always felt lacking to me. This shows a different, more creative, side of the band as if they are getting more comfortable playing to their own strengths. I guess I'll have to start keeping an eye on these guys if they're going to go about proving me wrong with each new release.

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