Friday, February 08, 2013

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What a long and tiring week it's been! This past weekend my son had two of his friends over for a sleepover. Three young gentlemen (ages 12-13) were gathered together in my house from mid-Friday to early Saturday. To top it all of is the fact that I also took all three boys (and my daughter!) by myself to see "Warm Bodies". That's right. I took four kids to the movie all by myself. That either proves that I'm really confident in my skills as a "in charge" kind of adult or it proves I'm insane. Maybe both? Either way it proved to be "adventurous" (to say the least). Sunday was the Super Bowl. Not sure which part was worse. The half-time show or the power outage? Probably the half-time show. Monday night saw my daughter and I babysit a friend's grandson. Nothing like trying to get a 14 month old to go to bed quietly! Also, Monday through Thursday saw me taking care of my son as he was home from school with a terrible cold. All the doctor could give me was it's "some kind of virus". That helps. Somehow/someway I actually managed to get to a few reviews. In the midst of all of this madness though I did realized one thing. Never try to simultaneously do three email interviews! What a mess! In between taking care of my sick my son I found myself focused on my daughter's I.E.P.. That was yesterday. Honestly it feels as if I haven't been able to unwind or slow down. And to top it all off (the cherry on top of the sundae as they say!) I've found myself dealing with the ex-wife. As if being a full-time single father of two and a part time heavy metal maniac isn't enough! With that here's what's been "fueling" me this week (other then lots of strong black coffee!) and making it just a little bit easier to cope! As always, what's on your list?

Listening to:
Girlschool-Hit and Run
The Essential Jefferson Airplane Jefferson Starship Starship
Soundgarden-Louder Then Love
The Ramones-Ramones Mania
Desolation Angels-While The Flame Still Burns
Suicidal Tendencies-Controlled By Hatred...
Death-Spiritual Healing
Slayer-South Of Heaven
N.I.N.-Broken (EP)

Warm Bodies

Secret Societies-The Truth Revealed 

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