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Without the compilation "Thrash Sells...But Whose Buying" (link below) chances are slim to none that I ever would have found out about this 3-piece Canadian act. Thankfully here I sit with their demo in my hand and a smile on my face. Yes, it's not the prettiest looking demo. I'll be the first to say that. And if you are stacking this demo up side to side with a professionally recorded project then yes, you will find something to grumble about. For a demo though the production is fine. Really it's nothing that will distract you from what these three gents unleash once this demo kicks in with "Hit "N" Run". Given the title it's fairly spot on. Imagine the better parts of Metallica (circa "Kill Em' All") crashing into early Kreator/Destruction at full-speed! That's about right, but unless you crank this one LOUD and PROUD on your own stereo then you're missing out on all the fun folks! The lads deal out a pummeling beat-down on the other two cuts as well. "Unstoppable" is, yet again, aptly titled as there's no stopping or slowing down these guys once they get raging. "Unstoppable" features a minute or so bass solo that would make Cliff Burton proud! This Canadian Speed / Thrash Metal 3-piece might hail from the French-speaking region of Quebec, but there's a lot of love within these 3 tracks for American steel. It's as if these guys found a huge crate of 80's speed metal and thrash metal LPs and then set about forming their own religion that would worship those riffs! Warsenal make sure to never directly wear their influences on their sleeves, but for those of us with a keen ear it's hard not to pick up on the likes of Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax .Well, that and the appreciation for early German thrash. In a way their demo also reminds me of Wargasm and California's Affliction. Or at least Affliction's own demo, "Demo 1991". That's a compliment by the way as "Demo 1991" is one of my all time favorite old school demos. It's pure speed/thrash bliss just like Warsenal's one. For a trio like this the sky is the limit. From these 3 tracks (the last track being the raw thrasher "War") the talent is all the more evident, but reportedly it's live where these guys call down the metal gods in furious fashion! Could it be that you're looking at the next latest/greatest thrash band? For the sake of metal's future, or at least so we don't forget how great real thrash feels, somebody SIGN these guys A.S.A.P.! The last thing we need is for a killer band like this to get discouraged and throw in the towel! Yeah, I know their not "modern" metal which is likely to hold them back. With thrash getting back in the swing of things though this should be the FIRST band scooped up by metal labels. Given a proper budget and a great producer Warsenal could be what true thrash fans have been waiting for ever since Metallica went into hiding after "Master Of Puppets"! You'll probably have a hard time tracking down an actual copy of this 3-track demo, but you can always pick up the "Thrash Sells..." compilation or head over to Youtube to get your fill of this great 80's inspired speed/thrash outfit. Hopefully some PR person will be reading this and get in contact with the band though.

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