Sunday, February 03, 2013

Relentless-Turn the Curse

Dogfight Records - Australia
6131 Records - America
Reality Records - Europe
Heart Bleed Blue - South America
True Side / Holding True / Brainwreck - Asia


Sydney-based band Relentless sure do live up to their name on "Turn the Curse". Boy do they ever! From the moment their 2006 debut demo dropped this band has not let up. The hard work has paid off on album number three. This one was also almost three years in the making and you can tell that the time spent crafting this head thrasher also paid off. Result-wise this is intense, metallic hardcore that's been compared to Baltimore's Trapped Under Ice. I'll play ball and admit it was that very comparison that drove me head-long into this fist-banger. No regrets there. Relentless are Aussie hardcore at it's fieriest! No need to get all fancy with this review as it's simple enough to be understood by one and all. If you are into the more modern side of metallic hardcore then this little beauty will make a nice addition to your collection or serve as a treat to yourself when you have the feeling that all you want to do is break something. Either way that's win-win!

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