Thursday, January 31, 2013

Terveyskeskus-Omat koirat puree

Svart Records

Known for their legendary 1987 debut EP, "Maailmanloppu" (reissued on Svart Records) this Finnish act cam together in 1982, "the year of the big Finnish hardcore punk explosion', as their promo puts it. While not the first Finnish hardcore punk band, as that honor would most likely go to Terveet Kädet ("Healthy Hands"), and despite releasing next to nothing (as far as recorded material), this band maintained a cult status within the scene. It goes without saying that hardcore punk, just like heavy metal, is universal in it's approach. That holds true no matter what language it's sung in. Terveyskeskus, which means "Community Center", offer up for public consumption a short, but ever so sweet, this 11-song album. It's the band's first new material in 20 or so years and, without missing a beat, it's just as raw and real their 87' EP. "Omat koirat puree" ("Your own dogs will bite you") is classic hardcore punk in the truest sense possible. The songs are furious and fast, like little bursts of pent-up rage, and come whirling out at you like a Molotov cocktail! The energy level is nothing short of insane on this 11-song sonic ear assault. It's really quite simple. This is just classic hardcore punk from a classic, if more cult then anything, hardcore punk band.Give Svart Records some credit as they have managed to add a lot of unique bands to their roster over time with Terveyskeskus being yet another check mark in their column. This one reportedly has a very limited run as it's a12-inch vinyl LP. You snooze on this one and, sure enough (just like the fact that the sun will eventually shine in Ohio over the next 12 months), you'll lose out. You'll lose out big-time. If classic hardcore punk gives you a reason to keep on keeping on (an why wouldn't it?) then this Finnish band needs to find it's way into your personal collection at any cost.

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