Thursday, January 31, 2013

Forgotten Gems: Blood Of Kings-Blood Of Kings


Is Seattle,Washington becoming the new Bay Area? Hear me out. With some insanely talented young bands (Sword Of Judgement anyway?) calling this coffee central city their hometown it's not all that much of a stretch. The latest group to catch my attention is Blood Of Kings. While they don't need me to serve as a hype machine (their music will do just fine thank you very much!) Forgotten Gems is all about sharing music whether old, or in the case of Blood Of Kings, a bit newer. That's the thing with Blood Of Kings. Yes, they are a "newer" band, but their roots, or as Sepultura put it "Roots Bloody Roots", run deep. Blood Of Kings features two guys who were in H.M.P. (Heavy Metal Poetry) in Pete Yore(bass/vocals) and Eric Jelsing (drums). H.M.P., a thrash metal band, released a full-length album and two EPs. In Blood Of Kings the pair is aided by guitarist/vocalist Nick Paul, formerly of the bands Wolves in the Throne Room and Stormcrow. This 4-track demo cassette was recorded with Greg Wilkinson (Ghoul, Insect Warfare, Saviors, Stormcrow) at Earhammer Studios in Oakland, CA.  Skip past the questionable demo artwork (Not very "metal" looking at all is it?) and you'll find this 3-piece band with an amazingly consistent and mature sound. For their first recording the band is spot on. They fuse old school speed and thrash metal together with elements of traditional heavy metal and US power metal. The closest point of reference would be early Washington State act Metal Church. Take the self-titled debut album from Metal Church, replace the late great David Wayne with a singer who offers up raw, raspy vocals (Not to worry they don't ruin the party) and add a little more of a homegrown/underground appeal and there you have Blood Of Kings. Sure, you might be saying "Isn't this  just another, in the long line of already established young bands, new band trying to copy a style and sound that is historically reserved in it's own time and place?". Is this just another new band that is trying to tap into the energy of the past or are they trying to keep true metal alive? It's more of the latter. Much more. This young band is keeping things old school, but they have forged their own path. The sound is solid like the heavy metal bands of old while maintaining a newer, more modern take on the genre. Armed with a unique sound, and empowered with talent to spare, Blood Of Kings is one band you've got to keep a close eye on. Especially if you love REAL metal. As the band is currently recording their debut full-length album at Witch Ape Studios (with Tad Doyle at the helm), 2013 should be a good year for Blood Of Kings and a good year for those of us that love good speed/power/thrash metal. Be sure to check them out for yourself.

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