Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dreamscape Radio

I've always felt that life is WAY too short to spend your time listening to corporate radio. Whether it was college radio or an independently run radio station, both of which still exist in one form or another today, my youth was spent in pursuit of programing that catered more to my tastes (punk-thrash). These stations were the true lifeblood of music as they didn't exist in a "pay to play" universe. Instead they played music that was always "underground". In that spirit a site like Dreamscape Radio is always a welcomed find. As their site proudly displays one of my favorite anthems (Support Local Music) as well as playing everything from Club to Country and Rock to Rave (they play music from some of the best local and world wide indie bands out there) they are truly a one-stop destination when it comes to quality Internet radio. Why spend hours and hours surfing the net, trying to find some kind of quality internet radio station. when you can just skip all that hassle and go to a site like this? Don't just take my word for it though. Check it out for yourself. And remember folks to always support local talent (whether it's bands or actually "Art" artists) and local businesses. Support those people who are creating not for a source of fame, but for the pure bliss that comes from doing what you love without fear of having to answer to someone else.


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