Friday, February 01, 2013

Spiders-Flash Point

Crusher Records

It would have been a bit of a tragedy if this album had slipped through the cracks. Released back in October it was an album that I actually came across while looking at two other bands called Spider. One was the from this side of the pond (American rock act Spider who were active during the early 80's) and the other one was from the other side of the band (N.W.O.B.H.M. act Spider). This one is Swedish. Gothenburg-based in fact. Considering it was formed by members of Graveyard and Witchcraft it makes it all the more strange that I almost missed out on this bunch. Ann-Sofie Hoyles, having played with Madamm, provides gritty vocals while John Hoyles (Witchcraft) lays down soaring leads. Matteo Gambacorta (Midwest) manhandles the bass while the band's newest member, Ricard Harryson (Fox Machine, The Maharajas), keeps the beat constantly rocking! The band was formed in February of 2010 with "Flash Point", coming in at just under 30 minutes, being their latest product. If you were looking for some new doom-tinged rock (the Graveyard and Witchcraft connections) you'd be leaving the party fairly disappointed as this is more garage-rock then anything. Emphasis on the rock part. This one comes in fast with the hook-laden rocker "Weekend Nights", a number that comes across as a heavier version of The White Stripes, before shifting gears and moving into the killer "Hang Man". Imagine taking The Runaways' ability to play spunky rock and mixing it up with some riff-happy Motörhead moments and you've got "Hang Man". And that's only the first two cuts folks! So, imagine an album like this that just keeps on picking up steam as it rolls along and you've got "Flash Point". Along the way the band plays fast and loose with their influences. You're bound to catch glimpses of everyone from The Ramones to AC/DC as "Flash Point" unfolds. While the spirit of Graveyard might still linger (although this sounds far less retro then anything John Hoyes' other band concocts) in Spiders this band means to rock you first and foremost. "Flash Point" is likely to appeal to fans of Girlschool, AC/DC, The Runaways, Motörhead, Ramones, etc. more so then it would Graveyard fans. Still, it would be a shame to write-this band off before you hear them. Don't let the bands mentioned fool you into thinking this is more retro-rock love. Despite taking their cues from some great older bands this Swedish 4-piece does indeed have a modern way about them. You could easier put this one on in the background and have everyone, from the old hipsters to the young cool kids, getting their groove on!  "Flash Point" is an album that keeps things fresh and interesting while it's busy rocking the joint off of it's foundation. It's also an album that I'm so glad to have stumbled across.

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