Friday, February 01, 2013

Signs of Chaos-Rise


I made the mistake last night of casually opening up this album for a late night listening experience. There I sat, curled up on my couch, just unwinding from the long day I'd just finished. I was sitting there all cozy, with a glass of wine in my hand (3rd one of the evening I believe), when I casually pushed play. "What the hey now!" I said as I just about spilled my glass all over myself! This band is HEAVY! As in face-ripping HEAVY! There I was all alone and I just had to winch as this one grabbed me by the proverbial balls and shook me about like I was some kind of rag doll in the mouth of a foaming dog! I often wonder just how it is that a band that is this good remains unsigned? It really is beyond me. What's the deal when a band like this appears everywhere from to Amazon to Itunes (and of course the Metal Archives) and yet they remain unheralded? That right there is some pretty solid promotion. Yet again we find a band that is doing all the right things and for the right reasons (To wake the world from it's sleepy slumber with fist to the face thrash!) and yet they end up having to put out an album like "Rise" on their own dime. Why? I can't be the only one out there who has caught onto that vibe right? Where good bands far to often are left standing out in the cold while we are forced to endure yet another manufactured modern metal band. Or am I the only one who questions the wisdom of the metal gods? I mean forget "summer lovin' had me a blast" as "Rise" is like getting a blast of fire as you go about sticking your head into a furnace! This album really is some of the most "freak on a lease" heavy a** rock I've heard in awhile! No, I'm not out selling some Korn-feed nu metal nonsense where you crap on a brick and tell me it's "metal". It's more like "Holy cat in the hat Batman!" if this metal doesn't come off as the the very definition of the word "heavy" then I don't know what would! Yes, Signs of Chaos are that kind of band. What does all that mean? Hell if I even know! These guys leave me feeling all discombobulated with their Dethklok meets up with Rigor Mortis (the Texas one!) at a Pantera love-in form of groove heavy death/thrash! I seriously question how you can even have a song called "Weakness" when this is some seriously skull crushing, balls to the wall, METAL! Of course instead of "All My Loving" Signs of Chaos gives us "All My Hatred". As they spit out their anger and frustration over the state of this dying world they do it in the spirit of Gojira meeting Testament for a few pints at the local dive-bar. It's presented in such a way that you can't help but want to thrash out while the band is screaming at this world for answers. As a means of getting the message out Signs of Chaos use the mighty axe and the mighty amp as their weapons. They bring the reality of this world right through your stereo speakers in a way that is frighteningly heavy and all the more real. These guys are the real deal and another young band that could very well represent the future of heavy metal. Hear for yourself why I'm all shook up at the link below! 

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