Friday, February 01, 2013

Jess and the Ancient Ones-Astral Sabbat

Svart Records

Having just covered Jess and the Ancient Ones self-titled debut album last September (see the link below) this 3-track EP came as a bit of a surprise. Indeed it's only been 9 months since that recording so it does seem as this Finnish band has been burning the midnight oil. "Astral Sabbat" sees the band covering "Long And Lonesome Road" by the Dutch rock band Shocking Blue in grand fashion while also tapping into new forms of energy on their own original music. At times this takes the form of the original members of Jefferson Airplane and Black Sabbath converging at a goth convention (headlined by The Damned) for the title track. It's quite the change then to hear the soft tones of "More Then Living". "Astral Sabbat" is clearly the attempt of a young band to shake things up and avoid falling into a creative rut. Sure that might seem a tad strange for a band with such a small catalog, but there's no way you can find fault when the material at hand is as stronger constructed as this. 

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