Monday, February 04, 2013

Dollar Box Discoveries

One of my favorite pastimes is digging through the dollar bins at record stores. There's one in particular that's about 20 minutes away from me that I usually hit about every two weeks or so. Most of the time my kids are with me. My latest outing took place during "guy's day", when it was just my son and I, and proved to be a jackpot in regards to hidden gems, potential review material and even some newer albums. I hope to make this a semi-regular feature where I'll present some "goodies" I found and, hopefully just maybe, persuade others to not be so quick to pass over discount bins. So, here is what I found while out and yes, they were all $1.00 a piece.

1)The Godz-Mongolians: Ohio's own! This 1987 album is a reissue on FNA Records (2012) and actually has "promo" written on the disc!

2)Dead and Buried-Bear Witness: Hardcore that is as influenced by the Cro-Mags as Slayer!

3)Five Foot Thick-Blood Puddle: Nu Metal w/ some heavy metal adding in. Feature's single "Ducked Out" with guest Myles Kennedy.

4)Ignorance Never Settles-Cycles Of Consumption: Hardcore metal act from Canada. This was their only full-length.

5)Republica-Repulica: Female-fronted alternative rock.

6)Plan of Attack-The Working Dead: Chicago Hardcore.

7)Birdbrain-Bliss: Grunge/Post-Grunge

8)Pump Up The Volume Soundtrack: Now, don't be a hater! This has Concrete Blonde, The Pixies, Bad Brains (with Henry Rollins), Soundgarden and Sonic Youth! Not that bad all around.

9)Breaking Point-Coming Of Age: The first album by this alternative rock band. Mostly got it because it features the single "One Of A Kind" which I've always secretly liked.

10)Sons Of Elvis-Glodean: Ohio's own Sons Of Elvis! Sort of post-grunge/alt. rock.

11)Brute Forcz-Out For Blood: Bought this one just for the album art and cheesy band photo inside! I plan to review this one as it's not that old (released I believe in Oct. of 2012) so I won't spoil things now!

So, there you have it. For less then $15 I got 11 albums that run the gamut from alternative rock to slayer-infused hardcore! In this day and age where everyone and their grandmother seems to have cell phones with Internet access there is no reason why you can't dig through a box and just search up bands you've never heard of. I have gotten more great albums (incl. rare & OOP) from dollar bins then I can count. My greatest find was an album that goes for up to $80 or more on Ebay that was opened, but otherwise MINT! So, take the time and search for yourself. For a dollar or two you just might find some real treasures!

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