Sunday, February 03, 2013

For A Season-Lion Hearted


Here's some Christian rock for a Sunday, wish it was Monday, because that's my fun day (as that's the day the kids go back to school after their 3 days off!). Getting serious though, or I'll try to even if it's so hard at the moment, these South Florida rockers list Jesus as their main influence. Who would I be to argue with that one? That's a more then solid influence after all and a good guy to have in your corner whether you're a new band or not! That being said and all I did think that I picked up on some Switchfoot, The Almost, Lifehouse and Snow Patrol in addition to Jesus. So you've got some alt.rock meets pop rock on this EP. These guys do try to shake things up with some occasional "guitar rock" moments. Check out "Away", a track which actually adds a little fuel to the spiritual fire these guys have burning. Otherwise this is fairly lightweight rock. With their positive message, and obvious skill level, For A Season could soon be busy writing hits for the CCM crowd. I can hear them headed that way. There's no reason to believe they won't have a bright future ahead if keep hitting all the right notes. This is a solid enough EP (even if it's not overflowing with originality) and a band that would be hard not to root for. Recommended if you are looking for something along the lines of Switchfoot or The Almost.

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