Monday, February 04, 2013

Free Metal Monday: The Rockford Hereos-Edge of the Silverthorn


Since I can't find any label information about this album I'll just go with "Self-Release/Independent". If that happens to be wrong, well, what does it really matter in the grand scheme of things? This is another freebie. Below you'll find (first) a digital download of the band's "The White" EP with promo information attached and under that you'll find a link to the band's site where you can download this album. Just click on "English" if you need any help with navigation. These Swedes were marked as hard rock/heavy metal and even AOR!, but the reality is their music jumps around a lot. It's just like the weather in Ohio. Don't like it? Just wait a second and it will change! That's about how this 8 track albums rolls!

download a complete promo package (via, and listen/read later. This zip-file contains songs, pics and bio.  (band's site)

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Anonymous Jonas said...


Jonas from The Rockford Heroes here.
Thanks for the attention and the kind words! :)

I just wanted to say there of course should be a promo packet for "Edge of the silverthorn" as well, but we haven't had the time to put it together yet. We have had other things that are more urgent. But there will hopefully be an up-to-date promopacket available this weekend.

Until then, the new songs can be downloaded and streamed from


4:36 AM  
Blogger Andy said...

Any time you'd like to have your music reviewed drop us a line. Same goes for any other bands you might know.


5:17 AM  
Anonymous Jonas said...

Andy, you got mail :)

2:54 AM  

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