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All pertinent information (as far as release information, quantities, etc) on this 4-track release can be found below. Yes, I just pulled that whole bit below off of the Metal Archives and slammed it down! That doesn't matter. These facts matter-1) Swedish 2) Death Metal 3)Thrash and 4)Anonymous members with names like "Command" and "Hand Of Doom". Swirl those thoughts around in your head for awhile. Now envision all of that in a kick-ass, almost punk, garage days, demo kind of way and you've got Vampire. Yes, I'm late to the game with this 3-piece outfit, but better late then never right? Now, all you need to do is this: Listen to it. Love it. Live it. No need to thank me.

"Other" information:
Per the Metal Archives: Tape limited to 200 copies, available in two versions - 100 copies on red and 100 copies on white cassettes. 100 extra copies were made after the original 200 were sold out.

Produced by Vampire in 2012. Mastered at Svenska Grammofonstudion.

Re-released on 23 December 2012 as 7" EP in 500 copies on To the Death Records. Includes the song "Jaws of the Unknown".

Colors: Goat Yellow, second yellow, red, and black
Limited to 700 copies in yellow [two variations], 200 red, and 100 black. The black version
comes with a patch

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