Saturday, February 09, 2013

Midnight Spin - Don’t Let Me Sleep


In a less pretentious world a band like Midnight Spin could settle for the tag "alternative" and everyone would move right along with nothing to see, but everything to gain with a spin or two of "Don't Let Me Sleep". Sadly such a world was burned to the ground by the likes of Rolling Stones and the NYC art culture. Now we are left to deal with forces that demand everything has it's own unique tag. As such we routinely must wade our way through a hundred thousand different titles (indie-this/post-that) just to get to the heart of the matter. Anyone with ears, ears that are willing to just put down the fancy soy coffee and soak this in (rather then try to define it), would be able to say "This is just the subtle nature of a band willing to take in a little bit of punk, some rock and, maybe for the thrill of it all, even some metal in order to just do their own thing". There's no need to put this band in a box. What you hear is what you get. All that matters is A) Is it good? and B) Is it worth taking the time to listen to in an already busy world? To which I would say yes and yes.

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