Sunday, February 10, 2013

Helker-Somewhere In The Circle

AFM Records

It never ceases to amaze me how many (Thousands? Millions?) bands draw from all things Dio, Rainbow to his self-titled band, as a source of "inspiration". Typically these bands will add some Iron Maiden and/or Judas Priest to the mix, but Ronnie James Dio is the man when it comes to imitators. We add to that number with Argentina act Helker. Now, of the sheer number of bands that worship Dio some do it better then others and Helker certainly have things down to a science! To be fair vocalist Diego Valdez, a veteran of heavy metal, is in top-form on the band's forth album. Let's not mince words. This guy can sing and when he let's loose the album takes on an epic quality! Take "Modern Roman Circus" (The album's opening cut) which, for arguments sake, was written with the term "metal anthem" in mind. Hit play on that number and let it rip through your speakers. Chances are even your cranky next door neighbors would be throwing up devil horns! That's what this band brings to the table. There's no denying the true heavy metal appeal that bands like this have. It goes deep down into the core of what makes heavy metal so appealing. These guys have that extra "something" that will make your metal blood boil. There's heaps of talent and energy here that has all the makings of heavy metal glory. The only down side though was that I half expected to hear "When there's lightning-it always brings me down..." as this band really, I mean REALLY, has a strong Dio vibe. If you're the sort who can look at a band like this and say "OK, so the guy sounds like Dio it's still pretty sweet" then by all means grab hold of this album and don't let go! If you're tired of bands that sound like stole DNA from the late, great Ronnie James Dio (You are sorely missed) then things are likely to go south for you rather quickly when you hear Helker. Chances are it's one of those extremes.

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