Saturday, February 09, 2013

She Rides/Dripping Slits-Crucial Fix Split 7"

Negative Fun Records

I love the feel of  a 7 inch early in the morning. Especially when it's fueled by sweat and alcohol. Of course I'm taking about this new split from Negative Fun Records. Or more specifically Providence, Rhode Island act She Rides. Formed in 2006, these guys unleash dirty garage rock and roll that's 100% authentic and 100% kick ass! They have shared the stage with a slew on bands from Every Time I Die to The Bronx (Even one of my secret addictions-Valiant Thorr!) and play real rock and roll . Not some weak-kneed rock like The Stokes or something, but real "Punks and Bangers unite" rock! She Rides gives us the two raw rockers "Grease in the Wheels" and "Rage Forever" and, despite everything going on in the world today, offers us just the right kind of buzz needed to kick back and unwind. They burn up their own side on this 7". Now, before we get into the wonderfully named Dripping Slits (Seriously, I love the name) let's give a quick shout out to Negative Fun Records. They are a limited press, singles only record label. This is a limited-run (500 copies or less!) singles we're talking about and it's not like they're out there just issuing vinyl from any/every 3 cord punk band they can gather up. No, from the sound of things, or at least from the sounds of these two 7"s I got from them, it's only the cream of the crop they're dealing with. It's also worth mentioning that Negative Fun Records is not out there trying to create super-rare, collectible pieces of vinyl (Even though some of these could end up being just that!), but they're simply operating within their budget. That's a novel business approach I realize and one that our own government might want to consider! Anyway, we are not here to talk politics. Rather we are out looking for new and interesting bands to play loud and proud. With that we tackle Dripping Slits and their two tracks, "Soul Fool"  "Let's Get Rough (to Death From Above)". While She Rides are "garage rock" raw the Dripping Slits are "I just woke up under a car and have no idea how I got there" raw. There's "punk" and then there's "PUNK". Guess which one the Dripping Slits are? In a world were we're forced to endure the next "latest & greatest" Green Day this band unloads with a frenzied  "hack and slash" style of rock that makes the Sex Pistols look like a bunch of teetotalers! It's sleazy, gritty garage rock that finds you smashed out your mind with an empty bottle of MD20/20 lying by your side and your pants missing. Yeah, it's THAT kind of party. Together these two bands cause all kinds of mischief as they make their way from bar to bar crawling along as they go. I'm reminded of a great line from "Do You Remember" by The Rockafellas. It goes "We did the gig but we didn't get paid 'cause they didn't like the racket we made". These two bands are not pretty.  Both of these bands play real, it's time to get your hands dirty, rock and roll that makes amps bleed. It's raw, it's real, it's rebellious and, above all, it's the shit. Get this 7" from Negative Fun Records so that you two can be reminded of what real rock sounds like. It's good to know that bands like this still exist.

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