Monday, February 11, 2013

Free Metal Monday: Radiation-Demo 2012


Well, where to start? I guess first thing would be the title. This 3-track (free) download is called "Demo 2012" but it says on the page that the release date is February 3rd. Alright. That's nothing compared to the confusion over what exactly Radiation is aiming for. For the greatest mystery of all is what is this? Musically these guys are all over the place. It almost sounds like they couldn't decide if they wanted to play death metal, thrash or punk so they decided to play all three genres at the same time. To say it's sloppy is an understatement. Even better is the production. This 3-track demo sounds as if it might have been recorded in an empty warehouse with the "producer" simply hitting the record button a boom box. Back in the mid-eighties that might not have been a problem, but this is 2013 when home-recordings can be made to sound like professional projects (see Arisen From Nothing). For a free download it's not too bad. That is if sloppy death metal/punk thrash is your favorite art-form!

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