Thursday, February 14, 2013

Boon-The Essence Of Everything


Rock and roll is a universal language. It transcends borders and (most) cultural differences. That's always been a good thing. But, while it might be a universal language (and sound similar no matter what tongue it's sung in) that doesn't mean that I'm able to read other languages myself! So, my knowledge of this band (history, etc.) is sketchy at best. Google Translate can only do so much after all! Here's what I do know.   I believe it was "Sweet Times", one of the albums cuts, that was included on a free digital sampler. Most likely that was from Amazon. Anyway, the band's harder take on rock intrigued me so I went online and downloaded this album. At the time I recalled that "Sweet Times" came off as something between Staind and a heavier AC/DC. It's not surprising then that this Austria-based band, who reportedly formed in 1998, has shared the stage with AC/DC a couple of times (they also have played with everyone from The Dillinger Escape Plan to Sepultura). What is surprising then is the fact that Boon's first album, 2006's "Beauty Is a Sign of Weakness" drew comparisons to bands like Pantera and Slayer! Unless I'm missing something here (and I don't think I'm am as part of the line-up info matches between that album and this album) Boon took a WIDE directional swing. While I only skimmed over it, in order to find out some information about Boon, reviews of their last album, 2010's "The Almighty Love", mentioned how the band sounded like Metallica. Or at least Metallica's Black album. It's not that this album is bad. It's just that if this is the same band then somebody must have put something in their drinks! "Give It a Go", the album's opener, is slightly Disturbed and slightly Black-era Metallica, but it's a long way off from bands like Slayer! Whatever the case this thing jumps around a lot. "We All Breathe As One" shows how far-reaching mid-nineties Metallica was while "Wash It Clean" needs to have it's nu metal arrangements washed off! "Addicted to Rock" actually has this White Zombie/Rob Zombie meets "Load" era Metallica vibe going for it.  And then there are songs like "Minutes" (almost a power rock ballad!) and "Because Time" (modern radio rock). The only actually influence I can find is "love" and, weirdly enough, the band's nickname seems to be "Love Lovers" (or something similar). OK. What it comes down to is that, while this is no Pantera/Slayer like band, this digital album is different and has it's moments. It's inconsistent (and does suffer it's fair share of faults), but there's some cool songs on here worth downloading (especially if, like me, you like making random rock/metal compilations) like "Sweet Times". Oh, it does look as if a CD release is in the works (if it hasn't already been released), but you can buy a digital copy through iTunes and Amazon.

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