Friday, July 12, 2013

Current Playlist

It's been a bit of a wild week and it's only steamrolled the past couple of days. At some point soon I'll hopefully be able to just sit back and breath a little easier. Maybe by tomorrow I'll be winding down and chillin' like a villain. For now though there is still plenty to do. Yesterday was my birthday (I hit the big one, 40 folks!) and today it's my parents 50th anniversary. So, I'll be in prep mode shorty to get things set up for a family party. Until we talk again here's what has been playing...

Listening to:
AC/DC-Who Made Who
Demon Pact-Released From Hell
Midnight Priest-Midnight Priest
Natalie Maines-Mother
Ranger-Knights Of Darkness (Will hopefully review sometime next month)
Doll-The Rag Doll Diaries (Hope to review this sometime over weekend)
Speedtrap-Powerdose (I also hope to do write-up on this one)
Dawn Of The Dead Incidental Music
Crisis-Armed To The Teeth

Dawn Of The Dead (Original extended version)
The Call

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