Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Orne-The Conjuration by the Fire (Reissue)

Svart Records

It sure seems as if a lot of Finnish bands have been finding their way to my inbox. The latest was Orne who, having first came about back in 1997 (initially as Mesmer before changing their name in 2001 to it's current moniker), is a side-project assembled by guitarist Kimi Kärki ( Reverend Bizarre & Lord Vicar). Originally released in 2006 on Black Widow Records, "The Conjuration by the Fire" was Orne's debut album and it's now getting a deluxe double LP reissue. It's been re-mastered for vinyl, which sounds great if the promo I received is to be believed, and features the 3-tracks from the group's 2000 demo, "A Beginning", as a special bonus. In addition to Kimi Kärki  (who the chief songwriter for this album) on guitar and mellotron player the album featured countless other band-mates and guests. Chiefly interesting is the vocal department where onetime Lohja SS (a hardcore punk band from the 90's) lead singer Sami Albert Hynninen pops in as a guest. This veteran singer, who is also known as Magister Albert and Albert Witchfinder, has had quite the career, what with stints in Reverend Bizarre, The Puritan, Opium Warlords, Armanenschaft, KLV and many more! On this debut recording his vocal delivery is subtle with an earthly air about it. Given the music at hand, which has a real vintage sound to it anyway, Sami's everyman delivery pulls the listener in and makes one feel rather relaxed and carefree. That says something as the music presented here, in a decidedly older fashion, lives within the dark corners of progressive rock. With talented musicians like Pirkka Leino (organ, Rhodes Piano) and Jussi Lisko (soprano saxophone, flute) added in the album is somewhat dream like. It's as if the listener is in a walking dream where Orne has been transported to another time where groups like Pink Floyd, King Crimson and Genesis were just starting out. On this (soon to be a classic) LP lead guitar was handled by Pekka Pitkälä (who, besides Kimi is the only original member of Orne) while bass duties belonged to Antti Fredriksson.  And finally Jari Pohjonen, also known as Void and Jay Lovely, of  Reverend Bizarre, Specie’s Traitor, Confirmed Kill, Vyöhyke and KLV, took care of the drumming. With some guest musicians also added into the mix this soon to be released double LP is one I can't help but enthusiastically recommend! Progressive rock fans likely already knew about Orne, but for the rest of us (and naturally I include myself in this category) the band was once unknown and sadly unheralded. As an album that sounds remarkably classic, with images of 70's progressive rock bands like those mentioned above spiraling through out my head, there's always an audience waiting to soak in and soak up what could best be called a magical album. Defiantly one of those recordings that I hope to enjoy for years to come now that it's discovery is at hand!

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